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This is NOT your traditional classroom. We are redefining the way students are educated. We are giving our students the tools for success from the moment they enter our school until they graduate. Students are working in a self-paced learning environment with individualized instruction provided by credentialed teachers.

Why Choose us
High-Quality Instruction. Fosters a culture that values learning at high levels. We offer the latest in technology and innovation to make learning much more fun and engaging, thus mastery of concepts becomes much easier using our proven method and approach.

Embraces Diversity
Fosters a culture that values learning at all levels. We offer General, Honors, AP, Remediation, Credit Recovery, and Individualized Learning Plans that fit the students needs NOT the school needs.


What we Offer

Innovative & Interactive Online Curriculum

21st Century Learning

Every student may receive a Free iPad or Laptop

More than Just an Online School

  • Curriculum developed by a team of educational experts
  • Proven that students have increased lesson comprehension & retention
  • Self-paced Individualized approach ensures students success
  • We are your educational partners

AHS Online School

The years that comprise a student’s academic experience in secondary school, the middle school through high school years, are a unique period in one’s lifetime. This is a time of change, from childhood to young adulthood, and with this change comes challenges, opportunities, and a broad-range of new experiences. During these years, an important aspect of human development that impacts a person’s future is his/her education. To this end, American High School offers a multitude of academic options and programs for our students.

Knowledge is power!

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