9th Grade Courses

English 1

In this course, you will learn foundational reading and writing skills. You will learn important skills such as identifying, interpreting, and discussing poetic devices, sensory details, characterization, mood, tone, plot, and others. With support, you will become a skilled reader across many genres, including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

You will demonstrate your understanding of the concepts by completing five written unit projects. These will include analytical and creative writing.

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Unit 1: Short Stories

  • “An Astrologer’s Day”
  • “Tuesday Siesta”
  • “When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine”
  • “Catch the Moon”
  • Literary Analysis Paper

Unit 2: Non-Fiction

  • “Straw Into Gold”
  • “Cinderella’s Stepsisters”
  • “What I See In Lincoln’s Eyes”
  • “The Tuscon Zoo”
  • “Living Good. Living Well.”
  • Non-Fiction Essay

Algebra 1

In this course, you will learn how to solve problems using rules of arithmetic and how to use and manipulate various types of functions and equations. You will also begin to learn basic Statistics concepts.

And you will demonstrate your learning by completing 9 unit projects on basic algebra, equations, inequalities, functions, and basic statistics.


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Unit 2 Solving Equations

  • Writing Equations
  • Solving One Step Equations
  • Solving MultiĀ­step equations
  • Ratios and Proportions
  • Percent of Change
  • Solving for Variables

Unit 2: Polynomial and Rational Functions

  • Lesson 1: Quadratic Functions
  • Lesson 2: Polynomial Functions
  • Lesson 3: Complex Numbers
  • Lesson 4: The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
  • Lesson 5: Rational Functions
  • Lesson 6: Quadratic Models

United States History

This course will explore the development of American ideals and institutions through the study of major events, eras, and personalities in U.S. history from the Age of Exploration to the modern era. This includes the European colonization, the Civil War, and events up to the present.


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Unit 1: A Nation is Born Era- Beginning to 1850

  • Lesson 1 Europeans Explore the Americas
  • Lesson 2 Expansion and Reform Era
  • Lesson 3 Compromise of 1850

Unit 2: Civil War and Reconstruction Era (1850-1877)

  • Lesson 1 Road to the American Civil War
  • Lesson 2 Advertising the Civil War
  • Lesson 3 African American Experience
  • Lesson 4 Reconstruction Era

Physical Science

This course is an introduction to some of the principles of energy and motion, the nature of matter, the interaction of matter, light and sound and electricity. Laboratory investigations that include the use of scientific inquiry, research, measurement, problem solving, laboratory apparatus and technologies, experimental procedures, and safety procedures are an integral part of this course.

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Unit 1: Matter and its States

  • Lesson 1: What is Matter
  • Lesson 2: Properties of Matter
  • Lesson 3: Changes in Matter
  • Lesson 4: Matter and Energy
  • Lesson 5: Fluids
  • Lesson 6: Behavior and Gases

Unit 2: Atoms, Compounds, and Chemical Reactions

  • Lesson 1: Atomic Structure
  • Lesson 2: A Guided Tour of the Periodic Table
  • Lesson 3: Families of Elements
  • Lesson 4: Using Moles to Count Atoms