10th Grade Courses

English 2

In this course, you will learn reading, writing, and critical thinking skills through the study of literature and the composition of both analytical and creative written works. Specifically, the literature we will study in this class will be divided into three themes: Creative Non-­Fiction, Speculative Fiction, and Research Writing.


Units Preview

Unit 1 ­ Creative Non­Fiction

  • Lesson 1 ­ Unit Introduction
  • Lesson 2 ­ “Farewell to Manzanar”
  • Lesson 3 ­ “Typhoid Fever” from Angela’s Ashes
  • Lesson 4 ­ “The Swimming Lesson”
  • Lesson 5 ­ “Terwilliger Bunts One”

Unit 2 ­ Speculative Fiction

  • Lesson 1 ­ Unit Introduction
  • Lesson 2 ­ A Sound of Thunder
  • Lesson 3 ­ By the Waters of Babylon
  • Lesson 4 ­ Robot Dreams
  • Lesson 5 ­ Metamorphosis


In this course, you will learn about how the properties and relationships of geometric objects can be applied in many different situations that occur in real situations and settings. You will learn how to use and analyze concepts that deal with the coordinate plane, measurement of segments and angles, and the similarity and congruence of shapes


Units Preview

Unit 1: Basic Geometry

  • Lesson 1 Points, Lines, and Planes
  • Lesson 2 Measuring Segments
  • Lesson 3 Measuring Angles
  • Lesson 4 Exploring Angle Pairs
  • Lesson 5 Basic Constructions
  • Lesson 6 Midpoint and Distance in the Coordinate Plane
  • Lesson 7 Perimeter, Area, and Circumference

Unit 2: Proofs

  • Lesson 1 Patterns and Inductive Reasoning
  • Lesson 2 Conditional Statements
  • Lesson 3 Biconditionals and Definitions
  • Lesson 4 Deductive Reasoning
  • Lesson 5 Reasoning in Algebra and Geometry
  • Lesson 6 Proving Angles Congruent

United States Government

The United States Government course consists of the following content area strands: Geography, Civics and Government. The primary content for the course pertains to the study of government institutions and political processes and their historical impact on American society. Content should include, but is not limited to, the functions and purpose of government, the function of the state, the constitutional framework, federalism, separation of powers, functions of the three branches of government at the local, state and national level, and the political decision-making process.

Units Preview

Unit 1: Foundations of American Government

  • Lesson 1: Roots of American Democracy
  • Lesson 2: The United States Constitution
  • Lesson 3: Federalism: National, State, and Local Powers

Unit 2: Political Participation and Behavior

  • Lesson 1: Political Parties
  • Lesson 2: Voting and Elections
  • Lesson 3: The Campaign Process

Biology 1

Let’s go over briefly some of the things we will be covering during the course. Thorough study of biological concepts at the cellular level with focus on major life processes. The course concentrates on molecular and cellular biology. Topics dealing with microbiology, botany, genetics, invertebrates and vertebrates are studied. Organisms from all kingdoms are included as well as their ecological relationships. Laboratory investigation utilizing the scientific method, microscopic techniques, and dissections are emphasized.

Units Preview

Unit 1: What is Biology?

    • Unit 1 Lesson 1: Science and the Natural Word
    • Unit 1 Lesson 2: The Study of Life

Unit 2: The Chemistry of Life

      • Unit 2 Lesson 1: Matter and Organic Compounds
      • Unit 2 Lesson 2: Biochemical Reactions
      • Unit 2 Lesson 3: Water, Acids, and Bases